Saturday, 18 July 2009

Summer rain

After the beautiful summer sunshine which we have enjoyed for a couple of weeks, we are now back to typical British summer weather. Rain, rain and more rain. The lilys are beginning to go over now, and the poppy petals have all been washed off. I am sure the bees, like us, are longing for a little glimpse of the sun ...
...And talking of rain, there has been a little rain on my parade lately as I have been suffering with what the doctor thinks is a hiatus hernia. But there is a ray of sunshine in that, as I cannot eat as normal and so I am hoping that I will lose some weight. I have also (when the weather permits) been out for a daily walk to get some exercise. Hopefully things will improve as I get a bit fitter.
On the crafting side of things, I am in the middle of a batch of greeting cards, and then after I have cleared that away, the sewing machine is coming out to play. Oh, and my daughter wants her room decorated. Right, I am getting off this seat and going for a walk now. I'll be taking my umbrella!!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Sorry to hear about the hernia. Rick has one of those and it's uncomfortable for him. He has to watch what he eats. I hope you enjoyed your walk! :)

  2. Thanks Rena.
    I did enjoy my walk. And even better - I didn't need to use the umbrella!

  3. Hi Doda... LOVE the pictures on your blog... absolutely BEAUTIFUL... and how cool that your son chose to get baptized for his 18th birthday!! What a gift he gave himself in Christ!

    Okay... I would LOVE to come speak for an event at your church in Scotland... I wonder if we could make it work? Maybe get a few tiny women's groups to join together to help with getting me there? Oh how much fun could we have in Jesus!!!

    Bless your heart my friend and the creative works of your hands!

  4. sorry to hear you're not feeling well. hope the hernia gets better. the flower photos are wonderful and that little buzzy bee sure looks happy!


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