Friday, 17 April 2009

The last pyramid...

This is all that is left from a batch of about 200 coconut pyramids I made for a Passover Seder Celebration. They always go down well. Here is the very simple recipe.

200g packet of desicated coconut
2 eggs
 100g sugar

All you have to do is combine the ingredients. It might seem a bit dry, but you have to work it all together by mixing and pressing with the spoon. It is hard work! Eventually when it is well mixed I cover and leave it for an hour or so. Then with wet hands I form pyramid shapes and I bake at around 170 until they are golden on top (about 10 minutes)

I hope you can figure out how to convert my UK measurements and oven temperature to US standards if you want to make some. They are yummy at any time of year.

This is one of my painted and stencilled Seder plates I made a few years ago. It started life as the same kind of wooden platter that the coconut pyramid is sitting on.


  1. Seems simple enough! Thank goodness we have the same measurements here in Australia, or I would be lost! lol My Mother does folk art on plates and things. Australian wildflowers are her favourite! I love the daffodils in your last post too, just beautiful, as is the little pixie sitting next to them...

  2. Hmmm Yummy! Looks pretty easy... I think I can do it!

    Doda, thanks for the quote for the Giveaway! I think I want to use it for a print. Really *GREAT*
    Happy weekend!

  3. And who ate it?
    And why didnt I get it? :P

  4. What a lovely Seder plate! How nice to use something you have made. The coconut pyramids look great but I think I need a little break from coconut for a while now. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so pleased that you liked my holiday pics!


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