Friday, 9 January 2009


I received the most awesome gift last night!
It's a Kala jazz ukulele.
I've been strumming a cheap toy ( by comparison)
for several years now, and so I am absolutely thrilled
and extremely grateful. It will certainly help with the
songwriting, and I feel rejuvinated and inspired already!
You know who you are - thankyou.
I am so happy with my gift!


  1. if only we had sound-a-vision! have fun. %*_*%

  2. Fingers crossed this goes through...


    You look like you've had a busy but wonderful time over Christmas and New Year.

    The Frost looks wonderful, the Owls are awesome, and the young 'uns look so full of life!

    That ukulele looks VERY special. Is it electric? Whenever I hear the word "ukulele", I think of Hawaii (and bad Elvis movies!)

    Will you put up a YouTube Vid of yourself playing? Please???

  3. Congratulations on receiving such a wonderful gift. I'm afraid I've never heard the music from this instrument before..I will have to try and find it.

    Have a wonderful day, Happy song writing.


  4. Wow, it's a nice looking one too. My daughter is into guitar playing, both acoustic & electric. Have fun!

  5. Hello there Doda,

    I have just dropped in from Cindy's Artists Blog and must tell you I loved your 'frosty' photos...what makes it hard to believe is how cold you are and how hot we are about to be (well on Tuesday) In South Australia it is going to be 41 degrees C - last year we had 2 full weeks of this sort of weather - not pleasant I can tell you!

    Cheers - nice to meet you...

  6. WOw that is a beauty! I started on a ukalele then went to a guitar but I must say I didn't go far. I love the sound of a ukalele.

  7. Just a lovely gift!! Wish I could hear you play it! And it is divine that this new gift has inspired you. There is nothing like inspiration and encouragement for the things we desire to do in this life and I wish you all the blessings!! Now get to cracking on the song writing... :)


    ~Unfurling Flower~

  8. Thanks all. Well maybe one day you'll get a soundclip. Don't think I'll go on youtube though!

    The songs are coming. 2 New ones since I got the uke - who is called Luke! Sad huh!


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