Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Left, Left, Left....

What on earth possessed me to make all
these birds facing to the left?
I don't think I gave their direction any thought.
They were not all made at the same time.
I guess this is just my preferred direction.

The last three birds I made millefiori canes for
their stylised feathers. They are supposed to be
fairytale birds. The little yellow one is soon
going to have cute little dangly beady legs.
Now my pinbacks have just arrived in
the post, I better get busy with some glue!
(My personal fave is the blackbird.)


  1. Such personality! a real flock of individuals.

    I always seem to face my subjects "left" as well. It sometimes downright upsets me to have them facing right.

    Now if you believe art historians, all subject matter that is to be interpreted as intelligent should be facing left, with the light source also coming from that direction.

    It's enough to make you think twice about starting any painting if you have to remember all the rules first!

  2. what lovely birds. I bought my daughter some sculpey and fimo for christmas this year and she was really quick to learn how to make flower beads and swirls etc, it's a lovely mum and daughter thing to sit and make together. I'm going to try and make some silk "Paper" with silk roving and starch i have no idea if it will work, I'm teaching myself from a booch so it could be interesting......

  3. Cindy, I didn't know that about the facing left thing. I must have known subconsciously or something - yeh right! I agree, best not to overthink these things, or you'll never get started! (however, last felt birdy brooch I did faces the other way - maybe felt birds aren't as intelligent as polymer clay ones.)

    Nimblejacks, that sounds cool - silk roving!

    Are you going to post some pictures of your daughter's creations?

    Sometimes I can only be allowed to play with my sculpey if Little Miss gets a wee bit to play with too. She's a bit young for it yet, but she just wants to be like mummy!

  4. I love the birds to cute!I love the fancy ones too.I have seen so many cute birds drawn on blogger I have to try drawing some myself.I have just begun art class yesterday. Im mainly a sketcher,but I will stick my neck out and try something dif once in a while LOL.

  5. Those are really cool, Doda!

  6. Oh they are really sooo unique and pretty.
    Just love them.


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