Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A pretty little box and gift

You know how much I love to make little boxes ! This one is decorated with some of the latest Tonic products. More details at Blog Tonic.
And I couldn't very well make a sweet little gift box without putting a gift in it could I. These beautiful cameos from Tonic are so detailed and exquisite, they are good enough to be worn as jewellery. 

Just look how detailed these are - even close up they are beautiful ! This is my absolute favourite one!
I may change out the pearl for a creamy coloured pearl drop the next time I am shopping for bead supplies. But otherwise, I shall be wearing this.

We have snow today...I wonder if it will keep on snowing...my husband and daughter would love a snow day off school!

Stay warm



  1. What a gorgeous box! Enjoy the snow! We had some in the Jerusalem area recently, though not in our city. The kids were so disappointed :(

    1. Thanks . I always love to see photos of Jerusalem in the snow! Sorry your kids missed out though.

  2. Hello Doda,
    I just "found" your blog and wanted to say "hello" from the East coast of Scotland!

    1. Hi Nessie, thanks for dropping by. Just going to go see if you have a blog :-)

  3. oh my word what a super little box and love the cameo inside too ... any one would love to receive it ... happy crafting and love sandy xx


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