Friday, 26 April 2013

I'm in Sewing Mode

Some while ago bought this linen embroidered panel at my local auction for only a couple of pounds. It was glued to a piece of board inside a dirty old broken frame. I cut it from the board and washed it a gazillion times and it's been sitting in my utility room waiting for me to do something with. I finally made it into a cushion. The texture of this linen is gorgeous. Someone must have spent many a long evening stitching this beauty.

To finish it off I made some cotton yarn tassels and added a bead to each one. I may get around to a simple tutorial for the tassels one day. They are really easy to make.
I've also been sewing a skirt for my little miss. Here's a sneaky peek.


  1. What a very pretty find, linen and hand embroidered, lucky you!

  2. Heehee! Must be something in the air, my machine has been humming the past two days too! That is one beautiful cushion - awesome upcycling :-) Looks like G will be sporting a really cute new outfit soon - clever you! Have a lovely weekend, Helen xx

  3. Your cushion is gorgeous, well worth the effort involved. The skirt looks pretty too


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