Monday, 11 March 2013

A few random things...

Here's a brooch I have just made by sticking layers of thin card together topped by an excerpt from an old Gaelic Songbook. I believe this song is the Gaelic version of an old song called "Will ye no come back again." It was already pretty well aged already, but I did help it along a bit! It'll be going in my Etsy shop later. 

On the good news front, we now have our planning permission for the plot of land we are purchasing, although we shan't be able to progress with that until we sell our current home. 

I can now show you the Mother's Day card I made for my mum this year.
...and that's about it for now. 


  1. I am happy for you, Doda, hope the house sells this year. The card fro mother's days is so witty :).


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