Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Printer saga...

You'd think buying a laser printer couldn't possibly be such a hard task wouldn't you? But when you want that printer for specific purposes and it has to meet certain requirements it's quite frankly a pain in the butt!  I'm not usually very wordy here, 'cos I know that very wordy blogs make me go cross-eyed, so I apologise for the following rant!

I currently own an old HP workhorse of a printer which does what I need except it is not a USB connected printer and I have no printer port on our current PC. It is currently taking up the whole counter in the Utility room right now where it is plugged into our old PC which takes around 15 minutes to decide to turn on. Not the ideal situation.

We use our laser printer firstly as a regular printer - for the song sheets for church on a Sunday when my husband and myself are on the music. I also use a laser printer for transferring images to fabric using Citrasolv, and for transferring images to polymer clay.

You'd think that retailers would be able to give you sample printouts from a variety of printer models, but this is not the case. I finally found one company who were able to send me some samples. I requested samples from a few entry level machines and the sample they sent from the Xerox Phaser worked brilliantly -so I thought. So I ordered the machine only to find out after that the sample they sent me was from a High end Xerox machine and not the Phaser I was interested in. I set up the printer, found a spot for it near the computer, very excitedly printed out my test sheet. Applied the Citrasov, did the usual burnishing, slowly peeled back the paper to reveal underneath...absolutely nothing! It did not transfer one little bit! Completely useless to me! Very frustrating!  It is now all packed up in it's box waiting to be picked up and returned for a refund.

I have been in touch with HP and  Epson and nobody could send me any sample printouts. Brother were the most helpful, very helpful in fact, but the printout didn't work so that was a shame. I am waiting to hear back from Dell. They couldn't send me a sample but yesterday when I chatted with an agent I was told that I could order the printer and if it didn't suit could send it back at no cost to myself. Today when I chatted with them, I was told there would probably be a charge. So you can see my frustration...please if anyone has recently bought a laser printer and you know it works with Citrasolv, then can you tell me what model it is.
Thanks :-)

OK, I'm done!

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  1. I feel with you. We have gone through similar frustrations recently, in other areas so I can't really help with the printer. But hopefully someone will be able to help here or on FB. x


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