Monday, 12 November 2012

A gift returned

I made this butterfly cushion a couple of years ago for a dear friend. Sadly she has since had to move down to near her daughter's home in England and stay in Residential care.

There are only so many things you can take with you to these care homes and she had a  huge lot of stuff -  on top of that I am not even sure she would remember that I made it for her now, so I was around at her house on Saturday to pick up a few things from her daughter who has had to clear the house which has now been sold.

She thought I should have the cushion back. It was a sad thing to have to look around the house without my friend there, but I shall have happy memories of when I gave her this cushion. She wouldn't let anyone sit leaning on it  in case they crushed it, and she had it perched up on top of the back of a chair in pride of place. I shall miss my friend. She really loved butterflies - (hence the cushion.)

I drew the butterfly freehand with a Pitt artist pen onto a scrap of white vintage cotton sheet and then bordered it with some scraps of fabric I had been given by my sister-in -law. The tassels were made from cotton string and wooden beads.
(Perhaps I'll give you a little easy tassel tutorial sometime...)

On another's a birthday card for a friend who doesn't read this blog
(I hope)
more details over at Blog Tonic

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  1. An exquisite butterfly, not surprised she was so proud of it.


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