Monday, 25 June 2012

just dropping by

Last weekend we had a lovely time in Edinburgh at a wedding. 
It was in very grand surroundings. The couple looked beautiful and the food was amazing. The newly-weds are headed off on a cruise to New York right now. 
I quite fancy doing that myself! Summer doesn't seem to be happening here in the Highlands this year!

I'm attempting to do a whole bunch of masculine cards for my stock box right now. I do struggle with masculine cards so I am making a special  effort! My husband usually says my men cards are too girly! Hopefully this one isn't!


  1. I am, always have been and probably always will be, a sucker for weddings.

  2. What a lovely photo. The card is pretty spectacular too. I love the way you have done the overlapping blue and white for the sea, and the wave effect at the top.

    I wish I could be organised enough to have a stock box of cards I had made and personalised myself. Birthday cards I can sometimes manage as a one off, it's Christmas that is preying on my mind - even though it's August. Last year I left it far too late to do any Christmas cards, so I have decided to stocktake this weekend and make a start.


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