Friday, 9 December 2011

Salty pin cushion

I'm posting over at It's a Creative World today about my salt cellar pin cushion. Why not drop by and have a look.

We had a power outage from 6pm last night until about 10am this morning. I'm glad we have a log fire in our living room! The only damage that we can see so far due to the high winds is a fence panel has blown down. I'm glad the storm is over! It was a bit wild out there.

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  1. Anne, of Homeschool On The Croft, has been sharing the news about those dreadful winds. I am so thankful to hear you all are fine after all that. I'm so thankful you all were able to keep a fire going, to stay warm during your outage. I love wood burning stoves, and hope to have one again someday.

    The pin cushion is just lovely!


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