Friday, 1 April 2011

Apple Cake - Yum Yum

Mmmmmmmm! Can you smell this? It's just out the oven - cinnamon apple cake. It's what's for dessert tonight.
Very easy to make and very yummy served warm with a little (or large) scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Approx 5 Granny Smith's apples - (or you could buy your own - joke) Actually any apples will do.
60gm chopped dates
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 chicken eggs - or one duck egg. Just to be different today, I used a goose egg! Yes, really!
150gm of brown sugar
150gm self raising flour
I mixed the flour, egg and cinnamon and sugar together with my electric mixer. Then I stirred in the apples and dates, and chucked the lot in an oiled tin for about 30-40 minutes at around 180 degrees celcius. Tonight, I'll just cut the size of slice we each want and microwave for about 40 seconds per slice on full power, then add  ice cream and eat. Then collapse feeling totally stuffed!
It is best served warm because it is a fat free recipe (apart from the fat in the eggs) and so it is not as moist as some recipes, but it is perfect when warm. All that appley cinnamony goodness! Yummmm!!!!
Here's another cake, as designed by my 4 year old. She says she wants this cake for her birthday in May!  Might be a bit more of a challenge!


  1. Doda, THANKS! I have been making the one type of apple cake since - must be the New Year. This will be a delightful change and the recipe is even more simpler. I have all necessary at home. Yum. Sunday come! :) Have a lovely weekend! ox

  2. Doda, there is no oil or butter or...?

  3. Hi!
    Fat Free?!?!
    Will HAVE to make it. Of course I had to go find this:
    so that I can make it!
    But the cake looks beautiful!
    I don't know any grannies named Smith, so I guess I'll buy my own apples :)
    I'll let you know how it turns out!
    I CAN smell the cinnamon!
    Love, me

  4. That recipe sounds awesome. Simply and yummy - perfect!!

    I really like the design for the second cake. When you've finished that, I'll put my order in. :-)


  5. Dear Doda,
    Thank you so much for this I WILL be making this at the weekend. Love the blog!
    If you get a chance to pop in, please do.
    Emma x

  6. Yummo, good luck with making that cake. What an artist.

  7. Your apple cake is beautiful!

    So is your little girls' dream cake, good luck with that. :o)


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