Friday, 17 September 2010

quick pressie idea...

The other day I got a phonecall inviting my little girl to a birthday party at very short notice. As I don't drive and have no shops nearby, I had to come up with a present in a short space of time. I rummaged around in my craft stash and made up some little packets with ribbons and sequins and beads. I also added some stickers I had made. The cupcake stickers are made with a xylon sticker maker from prints of my coloured pencil illustrations.
I then made three little matchboxes from my matchbox template which I made a little bigger than usual and then stuck the three boxes together to make a little chest of drawers.
It just fitted some post it notes in the top drawer. Phew...present solved! (I added one of my handmade necklaces to the gift too.)

And this morning, I have wasted at least an hour looking for a piece of leather that I know is stashed somewhere in this rather overstocked house. I have already removed the old fabric from this chair (bought for £1 at my local auction) and bought the upholstery tacs and was ready to get on with this project. The project has now come to a standstill while I have a sortout and clearout in my utility room. I wonder if I'll even find it! Grrr! Yet another project I have started and not finished!


  1. oh my are SO resourceful and creative!!! this is the absolute best birthday present.....EVER!!! i hope you find that piece of leather soon.....i completely understand the Grrrr! of wanting to start a project and having it come to a complete halt!!! have a great weekend!! xox, :))

  2. What a great idea. We are forever getting caught short for parties.

    I guess you could cover it with paper too if you fancied it....



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