Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The big melt

Drip, drip, drip. That is the sound I hear right now. We have been above freezing for two whole days now, and slowly, slowly, the winter wonderland that has been with us for the last three weeks or more, is melting away. Slowly being the operative word! This was a view from my bedroom window when the sun was trying to burn through the Highland mist. I love that kind of ethereal light.

The red kite who hovers over my garden daily paused for a while atop a sunny tree one crisp wintry morning.


  1. Beautiful photos!!
    Although it has not been as cold here as there, it has been cold. Sun is out here today too!

  2. Oh Doda!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog this morning!
    I am so happy to find yours, as well!
    I hope to spend time looking through your shop and blog a little more later in the day.....
    ...children's poet? ..wonderful.....

    Let's stay in touch...
    Jone (

  3. Beautiful view you have!!! I have so enjoyed this winter and am thankful that we have had the most of the snow over the holidays! Keep warm :), or should say dry! This is not going to look nice when all the snow melts...

  4. the view from your bedroom window is gorgeous!!! and that red kite looks like he's keeping good watch over your house.....maybe he smelled the delicious flapjacks that you made yesterday and was hoping for a little nibble.... :))))

  5. Great pictures. We're kind of drippy & melty here right now too.


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