Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Distracted as usual!

It doesn't take much to distract me from my intended projects does it! This time it was some Pebeo 150 porcelaine paint which caught my attention. I bought some cheap white plates from Tescos, and some black paint which you cure in the oven to become dishwasher proof, and this is what I made. I used a little stencil that I cut from an old brochure.
I have a thing about topiary trees, and also black and white artwork, and so I combined the two.
I think these would make nice gifts - with some homemade cookies on them of course!


  1. oh, this would make a fabulous gift (and the cookies on top would make it even better!). your topiary is wonderful....i love them too! :))

  2. oh they turned out great - love the black and white.
    wonderful gift idea!

  3. This is lovely!!!! What a great gift. I would like to try that!


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