Thursday, 5 November 2009

Three little elephants...

Three little elephant pendants, off to explore the world. A wise old elephant named Emerald, and two young and inexperienced little girls, Ella and Elsie. I wonder where they will end up. The last two ended up in America - one of them went to Honolulu ! I wonder if he learnt how to play the ukulele? With his trunk !


  1. Emerald, Ella and Elsie, are just so cute! I love those sweet names!
    Hugs, ;)

  2. these are the cutest little things!! i'll bet someone in honolulu is a very happy person (and probably teaching their little elephant how to play the ukulele!)! :)

  3. Love your nelly elephants and like the wise owl..Thank you for your kind words x


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