Saturday, 26 July 2008

Dornoch Day!

This was what it was like when
we arrived at Dornoch beach today.

My girls walked off towards the sea,
and vanished from sight.
Thankfully the sun burned through the mist
and we had a lovely day out.

When you are going to make a big sandcastle,
you need a big spade!

You are never too old to play!
17 going on 10.

It's fun to splash about in a hole with your big sister,
and sandcastles are the best...

...but there is nothing nicer than a cosy cuddle
after a spot of paddling.


  1. What a misty start to a day at the beach!

    I love to fossick amongst all the detris that the tide has thrown up.

    The boys like to build in the sand as well. We have a dog beach at the end of the street, so the pooch runs like a wild thing, tongue treaming out behind her.

    I bet everyone slept well at your house that night!

    Warm regards,


  2. How sweet! What's the temperature like? I froze myself when I was sort of up your way one summer. Wool sweaters through July. I'm such a wimp! The sandcastle building looks great there!

  3. Well, sweaters would have been welcome while it was misty, but I forgot mine.
    I guess it got up to about 19degrees Celsius once the sun got through. So, not that warm really, but we Scots are hardy creatures!


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